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Healthcare Growth Network Elite Program

Simplifying & Automating Your Practice Growth

Simplicity & Automated Growth For Your Practice

The Proven Way To Grow Your Practice On Autopilot.

HGN Elite Program is a cloud-based software suite of solutions, plus staff training, support, and coaching that revolutionizes the way new patients get introduced to your practice. We have changed the standard on how new and existing patients are communicating with practices by offering a suite of solutions that automate and systemize every aspect of your new patient process.

In a nutshell… we provide the training, action steps, and community necessary to automate the growth of your practice without working more hours or increasing overhead. In fact, you’ll actually work a lot less and have to deal with less stress on a day-to-day basis.

Practice-specific solutions for you and your team:

Everything we offer is built specifically for practice owners, by actual practice owners. It’s been tested with millions of dollars in ad spend, directly for healthcare practices and has been proven time and time again to:

  • Increase new patient volume quickly
  • Get new leads to actually show up for their appointment
  • Help your team automate your entire new and existing patient process so you can spend less time on getting patients, and more time on what you do - best… delivering amazing service
  • Give you and your practice the simplest and most effective route to sustained growth

We’ve been there before… scratching our heads wondering what the heck is the best next step for our healthcare practice to grow.

After finally discovering what actually works for scaling healthcare practices... We want to share this proven formula with you in a structured program. Keep reading to learn how you can make it easier for you and your team to compete and scale in 2021.

Below are our featured solutions. Each of these will include step-by-step training, live Q&A calls, and a checklist so you can delegate the entire process to your team. This will free up your time as the practice owner, and remove unnecessary headaches or obstacles on your proven growth path.


ChatBot - The average patient spends 15 seconds on your website before going to the nearest competitor. We’ve created an artificial intelligence ChatBot that we place on your website that captures information such as name, phone number, and email right away so that you can get a hold of them quicker than your competition!

Now, you can turn those website visitors into actual new patients stampeding through your practice doors. This isn’t just your average chat widget, we custom programmed it specifically for booking patients. Essentially, this turns your website into a lead booking machine.


Smart AutoDialer - One of the main reasons for the growth of our practices is that we connect with our new patients within the first 10 minutes after they request an appointment. When installed in your practice, our Smart AutoDialer will automatically connect new leads with your practice within minutes of their contact info being submitted.

This automation technology will exponentially increase the rate at which new patients schedule with your practice and save your team time trying to track down new leads.


5 Star Review Accelerator - In 2021 literally everybody (and their grandmother’s) use Google to find local services they need. If your reviews are non-existent, or even worse, less than a 3.3 rating, you are literally being passed over as a viable choice.

The research shows this to be true. 88% of patients trust online reviews as much as a personal referral. Also, over 77% of surveyed consumers, reported that the Google rating of a business is their #1 decision-maker when searching for new services.

That’s why we created the 5 Star Review Accelerator to combat those random not-so-favorable reviews and to get your business to show up higher in google search organically. This can be deployed in minutes and generates quality reviews to boost your rating like wildfire. Allow the other 99% of your positive reviews to speak to the quality of your practice and win you more business.


Missed Call Text Back Bot - With this bot, you’ll never miss a call again, even when your practice is closed. The fact is, only 20% of new patients leave a voicemail. That means you’ll never speak to the majority of the possible new patient missed calls. But with our Missed Call Text Back Bot you can communicate with your potential new patients much faster… before they decide to go to the other practice down the street or ghost your team.


Patient Testimonial Widget - Now that you have a constantly growing pile of 5-star reviews... you need to show them off. Display them on your website and landing pages to increase your social proof and conversion rate. Social proof is well known for increasing your online presence with Google, which will also help you to rank higher organically and bring fresh patients into your practice (by now you probably see how all of these solutions combined, can really maximize new patient flow without more overhead, extra complications, or crazy ad budgets… pretty cool, right!?).

Just FYI, our widget will automatically update with the newest reviews leaving anything lower than 4 stars out.


Two-way Text Communication - Our all-in-one text solution will help organize your new patient communication in one place to make it easier for your staff to respond promptly. Combined with our automated Patient Nurture System this will reach out to new and existing patients on your behalf to get them to actually show up on time and prepared to buy.


All-in-one Dashboard - Managing your business using the right KPIs is critical in growing your revenue and impacting more people with your services. With our custom dashboard, you’ll have your patient flow ‘command center’ all running from one single place…. Ahhh, say goodbye to those 23 open chrome tabs… can you feel the simplicity?

Joking aside, in our reporting system, we give you all the information you need in this one place. Making it easier to implement high ROI decisions without the headache of going from system to system trying to track down the information you need.


Training, Coaching, and Support - Everyone knows that if you are serious about growing your practice you need a solid team around you.

With the HGN Elite program, we become a vital extension of your practice and take your team under our wings to show them exactly what to do to simplify and automate your practice growth.

You and your team will get:

  • A straightforward ‘over-the-shoulder course that takes the guesswork out of scaling your practice
  • Live weekly coaching calls with our experts to go over any questions or bottlenecks on your roadmap to success
  • Access to our private community built specifically for practice owners, where you will learn from other owners in your niche, that have already solved your particular problem
  • Bi-weekly workshops where we hold your team’s hand and show them how to simplify and automate your lead generation and nurture process with templated SOPs, scripts, and best practices know-how.

We combine a community of like-minded practice owners, tactical sessions, accountability, and “what’s working now” training for you and your team so you can rest easy knowing this will be a painless process.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please let us know right away so you and your practice can get the attention it deserves! Our team will reach out to get you the step-by-step onboarding instructions and proven roadmap.

We look forward to seeing you in our HGN Community and helping you to grow your practice faster and more simply.


Loyd Hale

Founder - Healthcare Growth Network

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’ll Double Your Investment With Us Or Your Money Back.

We guarantee if you follow our program then you will increase your revenue by at least double what you pay us or we will give you a refund.

(It's That Much Of A No Brainer)

If your revenue doesn’t increase by double after you apply the HGN framework… we’ll refund your entire investment.

No catch, fine print or strings attached - 100% risk free.

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