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How Healthcare Practice Owners Can Increase Sales Conversion Rates Immediately

A sales pipeline is a common term used in just about every sales organization; imagine this as a funnel of water, with leads coming in at one end and flowing through various stages until there is a sale. In Healthcare, we can use these same conversion principles and apply them to prospective patients who may have found your office via...

5 Reasons Why Getting 5-Star Reviews Proactively Can Benefit Your Business

Do you realize how crucial it is to have good feedback about your firm?

Let me tell you something.

According to Google's Business data, 56 percent of customers will do business with you if your site has a lot of good feedback.

9 Ways on How Chiropractors Get Rid of No-Shows by Texting

You want your patients to keep coming to their appointments so that you can assist them in reducing pain and physical mobility.

The problem is that they miss your reminders and offers, which are designed to help them stay focused on their recovery.

This is costing you a fortune!

Do you have less than 25 Google reviews?

According to our 2016 Survey of 10 Chiropractic Internet Marketing Experts, the most effective approach to gain new patients online today is by obtaining Google reviews for your practice on a continual basis.

This is an essential part in not just attracting new patients online, but also converting those who are exposed to your clinic via different methods including Facebook chiropractic advertisements, blogging, videos, and even referrals from past patients while also favorably influencing your search engine optimization.

Google My Business Account

Your website may be the most essential new patient acquisition channel you have as a chiropractor.

Yes, that is a strong assertion.

At Healthcare Growth Network, we are now monitoring our members each month to see how many phone conversations, website visits, and requests for directions they create.

How Can I Sell My Chiropractic Practice? How to Make a Successful Chiropractic Business Sale

How do I sell my chiropractic practice? This is a question that most chiropractors eventually ask. Anyone who has done it before would undoubtedly agree with me that there's a lot more to selling your chiropractic practice than putting up a "chiropractic business for sale" ad and waiting for the right buyer to stroll in.

After all, you've seen the commercials. The most frequent phrase is "turnkey chiropractic practice for sale," which goes on to describe how well-established, solid, or appealing the business may be. Many claim that the company has a lot of potential. And yet, you'll see numerous identical advertisements time after time for many months or

It's more than just a chatbot, it's a Conversational AI.

There's no need to hire an army of agents or spend months developing complex scripts when you can create marketing automation that automates and scales consumer interactions on the most popular messaging apps.

Making Tiny Adjustments Can Result in Large Benefits to your Practice

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the number of hats you wear as a chiropractic company owner? Most DCs don't have to pause long to realize we're trying to do everything from being the doctor, CEO, CFO, marketing specialist, HR director, billing supervisor, and administrative paper pusher as our business expands.

We are also compelled to admit that the vast majority of us have no training in any of these jobs. And if we are honest with ourselves, most of us are not very good at many of them.

New Year's Resolutions for Chiropractic Practice Expansion

The new year is an excellent opportunity to make positive adjustments in your clinic. It's time to lay the groundwork if you want your business to expand in 2021.

Here are some New Year's goals that will help you take your practice to the next level and gain more patients.

The Benefits of Using Chatbots in Healthcare

Chatbots have been with us for almost as long as there has been communication on the Internet. Early chatbots were mostly a source of entertainment. However, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed chatbots into useful tools for a variety of sectors, including healthcare.

The healthcare sector, which is still developing, is moving toward more IT-based consumer-centric alternatives. Chatbots, for example, are being used to enhance patient outcomes and customer service.

The Best Chiropractor Practice Management Functions

It's difficult to operate a successful chiropractic practice. You must be quick, and you'll need excellent office software. A mobile, cloud-based EHR can assist with that. It provides features like practice management tools and third-party integrations, allowing your office to function better than ever before.

What should I do if I receive a negative Google review?

You put in a lot of effort. You get up at the crack of dawn. Between back-to-back appointments, you take a fast lunch break at your desk. For every patient, you do your best to listen to them and keep your diary from sliding later and later. The day draws to a close, and you can at last drag yourself away from the workplace to see your children, who are probably already in bed. You feel your phone buzz as you shut the door behind you, and BAM! A dissatisfied patient leaves a negative Google review.

Yes, poor evaluations can have a detrimental impact on your company, but you may overcome them.

Negative evaluations about your company or its products and services might quickly drive customers away. It's that simple. Consumers do virtually everything on the internet, so they're used to seeing it there. Customers compare companies, prices, and goods online. 9 out of 10 consumers use search engines like Google and Bing to conduct their research before making a purchase. Customers come across reviews - both positive and negative - on brands and items while researching.

The Significance of Missed Call Text-Back Bot: Keeping Your Practice Engaged and Relevant

So...What exactly does a Missed Call Text-Back Bot do?

A Missed Call Text-Back Bot is a computer program that allows you to communicate with potential and current patients through text messaging. This bot can help improve your practice by automating some of the booking processes as well as providing customer support.

Basically, it's a chatbot that people can text if they are trying to reach you but can't get through by calling!

Two Way Text Communication: An Important Tool for Your Business

With the prevalence of text messaging, it's no surprise that two-way text communication is becoming a vital part in many businesses. Two way SMS and clinical text messaging applications are now being used by hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare providers to improve patient care through convenience and efficiency.

With the prevalence of text messaging, it's no surprise that two-way text communication is becoming a vital part in many businesses. Two way SMS and clinical text messaging applications are now being used by hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare providers to improve patient care through convenience and efficiency.

5 Star Review Accelerator: A New Way to Increase Your Website's Ranking

In a competitive market, consumers will research your company on their own and read reviews before deciding to do business with you. Customers want to know what they're getting into when they choose a business, especially if it's an unfamiliar one. Businesses that provide excellent experiences for customers are rewarded by high ratings and star ratings in the form of online reviews.

How to use Google My Business Listing for Effective Marketing

How to use Google My Business Listing for Effective Marketing

The majority of us invest countless hours and money on social media marketing, but we neglect the most basic step, which is improving our search rankings.

Regardless of how many social media platforms you use, Google search is still the most popular choice for making important purchasing decisions. Customers seeking your goods and services online will conduct an in-depth Google search, one of the first tasks they accomplish.

Everything You Need to Know About Combining Your SMS and Email Marketing Strategy

SMS and email marketing are two of the most effective types of marketing campaigns. If you want to be able to reach your customers on both their mobile phone or computer, it is important that you synchronize your SMS and email marketing strategy. This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about integrating these two powerful tools!

Why You Should Get a Domain Email Address For Your Business

Creating a website's domain name is one of the first actions that most small business owners take. It's how people discover a company on the internet, and it's an important component of corporate identity.

Some company owners choose not to establish a domain email address, which is a lost opportunity. Using a or an email address instead of all the branding strength of a business domain name is an easy mistake to avoid.

This article explains why a domain email address is preferable for your company than a generic one. It'll go over the fundamental benefits, such as brand recognition and the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

Online Business Coaching: Does it Really Work?

There are several publications, blogs, and even Facebook groups dedicated to the subject of starting and developing a company. However, each business is unique, and generic advice is rarely enough. Entrepreneurs may benefit from business coaching services that provide personalized support and direction in order to create a successful company.

Whether you run a small business or are planning to start one, we cannot emphasize enough the advantages of hiring a business coach at every stage of development. Every company owner requires a coach for faster results and long-term success.

Which Channel Gets Better Results: Email or SMS Marketing?

Do you find yourself on the fence when it comes to picking an email marketing or SMS marketing strategy?

Email and SMS both have their pros and cons, but we'll break them down so that you know which channel is best for you!

For decades, email has been the most popular way to deliver mass communications and reach audiences. SMS marketing, on the other hand, is a quick, cost-effective, and dependable means of delivering promotions and news to consumers.

How To Earn Customers Trust In Under A Minute With Your Best Testimonials

Most people make the mistake of thinking that trust is something that takes time to build. But if you have some great testimonials from happy customers, you can actually create trust in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is start by sharing your best testimonials right up front. This will show potential customers that you’re an authority in your field, and it will help them see what kind of results they could expect if they work with you.

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